DOT AU Pty Limited

DOT AU Pty Limited is an Australian technology solution provider, and is the owner of the DotAussie® line of products and services.

Our focus is on developing and implementing technology solutions to meet your business requirements, looking to leverage our broad range of technological skills to provide high value-adding products and services which are specifically relevant to your organisation.

As well as pre-packaged software and hardware products, we provide software development services, website creation, corporate intranet development, system maintenance, embedded hardware and software design, as well as a complete range of services for building management requirements.

We cater for projects of all sizes - our clients range in size from smaller businesses up to large Australian and multinational organisations. Our products and services are deployed around the world.

Our skills include:

  • Delivering solutions targeted directly at key Business Objectives
  • Leveraging J2EE Application Development with the following capabilites:
    • Cross Platform
    • Cross Language
    • Standards Compliant
    • Web Services Enabled
  • Open Source Building Management and Control Systems
  • Simplified Audio Technology for Elderly and Visually Impaired
  • Broadcast Advertising Removal and Replacement Systems

Our applications have been deployed in the following areas: Manufacturing, Research, Commercial, Retail, Financial Services, Supply Chain & Warehousing, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, and Quality Laboratories.

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J2EE Standards Compliant Solutions

Application Development

Open Source Building Management Control Systems

Building Control Systems

Managed Email & File Server

Managed Email & File Server

Audio Systems for the Elderly & Visually Impaired

Audio Systems